Voiced by Julie McWhirter
Archetype: Barbarian
Race: Human
Weapons Used: Staff of Power
Powers and Abilities: Enhanced Strength (from Staff of Power)
Cinda is a female barbarian residing in the Canyon of Death. She lives a solitary life, desiring nothing to do with anyone. That changes, however when Thundarr, Ariel, Ookla and Maya come to the Canyon in search of her to warn her about the coming of Vashtarr, who seeks her destruction. After a brief exchange between herself and Thundarr, the wizard and his legion of Nullins attacks the group, forcing Cinda to cooperate with them. After Vashtarr is driven off, Cinda joins forces with Thundarr and the others and, along with Maya and Valerie Storm, succeeds in bringing about Vashtarr's downfall and is transported into the 20th Century along Valerie and Maya.


Cinda is a formidable opponent in battle, even more so while wielding her Staff of Power, which magnifies her physical strength by a factor of ten.