City of Evil
Setting Details
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Antagonist(s): Sarott
Allies: Gorn
Producers: Joe Ruby
Ken Spears
Director(s): Rudy Larriva
John Kimball
Writers: Buzz Dixon
Mark Evanier
Martin Pasko
Ted Pedersen
Jeffrey Scott
Roy Thomas
List of Episodes
Season 2, Episode 17
Airdate: 3 October 1981
Previous: Island of the Body Snatchers
Next: Last Train to Doomsday
After being defeated by Thundarr, the evil wizard Sarott stumbles into a research lab that holds the miniaturized City of Thieves. Its ruler Voltak, promises Sarott a free rein to use the city's advanced army to enslave humans and other wizards if he can restore it to normal size. To do so, he'll need the Gauntlet of Power which can boost his magic to enlarge the city.

City of Evil recapEdit

At the start of the episode, Thundarr and his friends are fighting a running battle against Sarott and his four robot henchmen. They eventually corner Sarott on a collapsed overpass. While Thundarr fights Sarott, Ariel takes the Gauntlet of Power from him with a well timed spell. Sarott falls into the muddy swamp and is thought dead.

After they leave, Sarott crawls out of the swamp and stumbles onto the location of the shrunken City of Thieves. Voltak explains how the City managed to survive the Great Cataclysm by existing in their miniaturized state. Sarott makes a deal with Voltak, if he restores the city, the inhabitants will be his loyal minions. But first, he needs the gauntlet back.

Meanwhile, Thundarr has traveled to a nearby village to return the gauntlet to it's leader Gorn. The villagers have a feast to celebrate.

But while they celebrate, Sarott attacks Reporta and turns it's leader Gorn into a large flying monster. But the attack goes awry when Gorn goes berserk instead of becoming Sarott's minion as planned. Gorn flies away after a short battle and takes the gauntlet with him.

While Thundarr and Ariel try to save Gorn, Sarott regroups at the city and gets still miniaturized reinforcements. Gorn is found in nearby mountains, but in his crazed state attacks anyone who gets near him. Sarott catches up to them and attacks all them with the help of the miniature combat vehicles. Thundarr and Ariel get distracted by fighting a lava monster, and Sarott uses the opportunity to capture Gorn and return to the City of Thieves.

Ariel uses a scrying spell to locate Gorn, but what they witness in the magical image is Sarott in the process of restoring the City of Thieves to it's proper size. They attack the city and, after a pitched battle, the Gauntlet is destroyed and the city is left in ruins from the explosion.


There are two recurring art errors in this episode. Sarott is sometimes drawn as though wearing the Gauntlet in scenes where he doesn't have it. Also the Gauntlet is right handed when worn, but sometimes when being carried but not worn it is drawn left handed.

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