Energy Constructs are creatures of Magic that have no physical substance. Many Wizards use them for manual labor or expendable troops.


Princess Ariel once created a cat shaped energy construct to fight a Giant Rat.
Artemus could create "Green Things" that had a mixture of alligator and snake characteristics. These constructs were very strong and could duplicate when cut in half.
Octagon used a strange fish-like energy construct to protect his Power Converter.

Octagon's energy beast

Skullus's "Battledroids" wera a small army of robot like energy constructs that could fire energy beams. Even though they had no physical substance they made metal clanks when moving around.
Skullus the Wizard 2

Skullus surrounded by Battledroids.

Vashtarr had a similar army of green robot like energy constructs that could fire energy beams and fly.

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