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Giant Bat
Racial Traits: Mutated bat
Typical Weapons: Teeth
Racial Powers/Abilities: None

Giant Bats were used by Morag's Raiders as mounts during their hunts for new human victims.

The bats that can be used as flying mounted steeds. They are nearly 10 feet in length with a 25 foot wingspan. They have brown fur, red eyes, and a long rat-like tail. They are the preferred mode of transport for the mysterious Raiders of the Abyss, although they are a common enough mount that they could be encountered anywhere in the Thundarr universe. 

The bats  have  fairly decent  eyesight  so  they  do  not  rely  on  (or possess) a  radar  sense  or  any  mutations  like echolocation.

They  aren't  much  good  in  a  fight,  only able  to  bite  with  their  large  fanged  mouth. The bats  aren't  naturally  violent  unless provoked.  Once  "broken,"  they  are  as  tame  as any horse or beast of burden. They are able to carry  up  to  300  pounds  and  fly  at  their  full movement  rate.