Race: Human
Weapons Used: Gauntlet of Power
Powers and Abilities: None
In City of Evil, Gorn was the leader of a village that had been built in the ruins of Logan International Airport. After Thundarr recovered the Gauntlet from Sarott, the villagers celebrated. But while they were celebrating Sarott used his power on the gauntlet to turn Gorn into a monster. Gorn went nuts attacking everyone in sight. Eventually the people of the City of Thieves used their advanced technology to subdue Gorn. Gorn was restored to his human form when the Gauntlet was destroyed.


Gorn apparently had the ability to use the Gauntlet of Power in a similar way to how Sarott used it.

When turned into a monster, Gorn was about 12 feet tall, could fly, was super strong, and had fire breath.