Voiced by Bill Woodson
Archetype: Evil Wizard
Weapons Used: Moon Dial
Powers and Abilities: Wizardry
Fate: Banished

Not to be confused with Chom. Evil wizard (not the barbarian god).

Khromm was seen in Portal Into Time when the group stumbled onto a battle between him and the residents of the Alamo. The people at the Alamo were former slaves of his and had escaped with a powerful automated weapon system called the Guardian.


  • purple stun blasts
  • an Animation variant that turned a 20th century bus into a snake-like machine
  • Teleportation by disappearing in a red cloud
  • Levitation that let him float in mid air


several reptile like mutants.


  • Khromm's Fortress
  • the Moon Dial
  • at least a dozen armored vehicles that fired disintegration blasts.
  • batons that fired energy beams