Maya the Element-Shifter
Voiced by Marlene Aragon
Race: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Elemental-transformations

Maya is the queen of the city of Endor, which was destroyed by an unknown disaster 1,000 years after the Great Cataclysm. Maya was buried beneath the city and bound in silver, which apparently was used to keep her alive, but in suspended animation.

After discovering she was one of the three women destined to bring about the fall of the wizard, Vashtarr, Thundarr, Ariel and Ookla traveled to Endor and found Maya's tomb. Ariel removed the silver bonds that bound her with her magic, which partially revived her from suspended animation. When the Nullins, Vashtarr's magical warriors arrived to destroy them, their energy blasts struck Maya during the fight and fully restored her. She quickly joined in and swung the battle in the group's favor with her elemental-shifting power.

She then joined forces with Thundar and the others and after finding Cinda and Valerie Storm, the other women of the Prophecy, invaded Vashtarr's fortress. After fighting him to a standstill, they joined their powers as one and destroyed the Gem of Glory, the source of his magic and were subsequently transported into the 20th Century, Valerie's home time period.


Maya is an element-shifter, capable of taking on the form of any of the period table of elements--solid, gas or liquid. She was seen as being able to transform herself into iron to increase her strength and to deflect energy directed against her; as well as into vapor to render herself intangible and to fly.