Mindok the Mind Menace
Setting Details
Location: Cape Canaveral,
Antagonist(s): Mindok
Allies: ??
Producers: Joe Ruby
Ken Spears
Jerry Eisenberg
Director(s): Rudy Larriva
Writers: Buzz Dixon
Mark Evanier
Martin Pasko
Ted Pedersen
Steve Gerber
Christopher Vane
List of Episodes
Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate: 18 October 1980
Previous: Harvest of Doom
Next: Raiders of the Abyss
The evil wizard Mindok lost his body in the Great Cataclysm 2000 years ago though his brain remained immortal. He, General Zoa, and their minions seek out cryogenicly frozen scientists named "Ice People" in a plot to build Mindok a new robotic body to house his brain in.