Teleportation is a group of magical abilities used by many magic wielders. Teleportation is used to quickly move people and objects over various distances. The various users of teleportation apparently aren't using exactly the same ability and some seem to have differing limitations in their ability to teleport.


  • Gemini's teleportation took the form of a red mist that surrounded whatever he was teleporting. Each time he used it he teleported himself. In one case he teleported half a dozen of his robotic knights with him.

    Gemini prepares to teleport.

  • The unnamed wizard in episode 2 surrounded himself in a black mist when he teleported..

    a dark wizard teleports

  • Mindok could teleport several people simultaneously by surrounding them in an energy field that looked like yellow lightning bolts. He seemed to lack the ability to teleport himself..

    Mindok teleports

  • Ariel has used a form of teleportation where she surrounded herself or a single target in golden sparkles. This may have the limitation of only working on one person at a time.

    Ariel teleports