Tye's Train is an old steam-powered locomotive. During Harvest of Doom it was acquired from the Carocs and re-purposed to be used by the mechanically-gifted swamp-urchin Tye. With a working train in service, Tye has opened trade over a larger region.

It was first heard when in control by the Carocs. Thundarr, never hearing steam whistles before, thought it must have been some unknown beast. Ariel corrects him by saying that is not from an animal, but an machine called a train, which were once widely used on Old Earth to transport equipment and people over long distances. Ariel is surprised to see a functioning train after all these years on New Earth. Tye agreed to help Thundarr defeat the Carocs in exchange for him capturing the train from them and giving ownership to her. Thundarr and Ookla did so, and Tye was last seen waving goodbye to them.