Yondo the Wizard 1
Voiced by Michael Bell
Archetype: Charlatan Wizard
Race: Human
Weapons Used: Nega-Sword
Powers and Abilities: Prestidigitation
Fate: at large
It can't be said for certain if Yando is truly a wizard or not. He is but a human who uses stage illusions and hired mutant muscle to decieve the villagers of Beverly into believing he is the genuine article. Although, in Master of the Stolen Sunsword, he did create the Nega-sword, a fairly impressive feat of garage-level engineering, and a few other devices for his minions.
Yondo the Wizard 2

Yongo displays his powers.

Yondo's Nega-Sword 1

Yondo holds his Nega-Sword.

Yondo's Nega-Sword 2

Yondo and his henchmen.

Yondo Unmasked

Yondo is unmasked.


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