Brother Zevon
Voiced by Keye Luke
Archetype: Cult Leader
Race: Werewolf
Fate: depowered

Leader of the Brotherhood of Night, in The Brotherhood of Night, Zevon attempted to add Thundarr and his friends to the pack along with the wizard Infernus. However, in the end, Zevon was left powerless and alone.

Zevon had the ability to turn humans into werewolves by touching them. However after Zevon and his minions were thrown into a pool that cured them, Zevon turned into a wolf and not a human, as he never was human. Also only Zevon could add people to his pack. The human werewolves could only restrain their victims as Zevon transformed them. Like the other werewolves, Zevon took on a human appearance during the day, he also had human intelligence.